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HDMI Audio Extractor

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Allows you to split the audio stream from a HDMI signal into either S/PDIF optical or four analog stereo 3.5mm jack outputs – ideal for 7.1 multi-channel systems. This allows you to easily integrate a digital HDMI source into a system requiring a dedicated audio input, such as active speakers, amplifier receivers, PA systems etc. A switch allows you to select a single stereo output if multi-channel is not required. Includes plugpack. Supports 4K/2K & 3D passthrough.Includes 5V 2A power supplyFeaturesCompliant with HDMI, HDCP 1.2 and DVI 1.0Supports HDMI audio sampling rate up to 192 kHzSupports Optical S/PDIF audio sampling rate up to 192 kHzHDMI supports high-bit-rate (HBR) audioNo HDMI output connection is required to receive audio at the analog and optical outputsSupports 4 x 3.5mm phone jack for analog multi-channel audio outputsMaximum input and output HDMI cable length can run up to 15 meters at 1080p 8-bit resolution or 10 meters at 1080p 12-bit resolutionSupports built-in audio EDID switching among LPCM 7.1CH, TV (external) EDID, and Bitstream audioSupports CEC bypassSupports 4Kx2K resolution and 3D signal