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USB MP3 Audio Player For BGM Systems

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Designed for BGM systems in commercial installations requiring audio playback from a USB memory stick. Alternatively it can be used to add MP3 playback to any domestic audio system. Simply connects to an amplifiers RCA input and provides typical CD player style functionality ie: play/pause & track skip. Tracks will automatically loop providing a constant source of background music for PA systems. Line output level volume is adjustable via the side panel. Suitable for use with USB memory sticks or SD/SDHC/CF cards when used in conjunction with a card reader. Requires 12VDC plugpack. Dimensions: 80W x 40H x 54D mmRequires FAT32 formatted cardFeaturesAccepts USB stick, SD an CF memoy FAT32 format up to 32GbSupports MP3 folder hierarchy structure ie: will browse music inside folders on stickCompact sizeLine level volume adjustmentSimple plug and play operationBox flange allows mounting to any surfaceAutomatic playback loopingStarts playback immediately on power upIf power is lost, playback will recommence at last position when power is restored.