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HDMI Audio Extractor & 4k/2k Scaler

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This compact audio extractor and scaler extracts the audio signal from a HDMI input and outputs it to an S/PDIF optical output. This allows you to easily integrate a digital HDMI source into a system requiring a dedicated audio input, such as active speakers, sound bars amplifier receivers etc. Supports PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround. It has the added option of scaling your 1080p signal up to a 4K/2K signal, which makes it ideal for connection a blu-ray player or game console to a new Ultra HD monitor/TV. Includes power supply.FeaturesSupports audio extraction (optical audio output)Supports PCM , Dolby Digital™, and DTS Digital Surround™ ®Supports maximum distance form source to sink up to 15m @ 4Kx2K/30Hz resolution, or 20 meters at 4Kx2K/24Hz resolutionSupports Deep color up to 36-bit color at 1080p 60HzFull 300MHz HDMI receiver and HDMI transmitterHDMI Input port is compliant with MHL2.0 specificationCEC pass-throughSupport HDCP