Qi™ wireless charger – vent mount cradle

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Product Description

The WCT1032 Qi™ Wireless 10W charger combines the functions of a vent mount phone cradle and a wireless charger for your smartphone. It supports fast charging for better performance. This charger features a gravity phone holder which uses the weight of the phone to pull the side arms inward around your device to hold it firmly. When you lift your device up, the base’s spring-loaded action will push the arms outward and release your phone. This feature allows you to just slip your phone into the cradle with one hand and start charging any Qi™ compatible phone. No need to look for a compatible charging cable. Includes micro USB cable. Requires power from a USB charger.

This car cradle can handle phones with width of 67-83mm.



Qi Wireless Charger with Vent Mount Cradle 10W


5V 2A or 9V 1.67A