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LED Resistor kit. May be required when fitting Indicator or Stop and Taillights to older vehicles that are sensitive to higher current incandescent globes.

Note: Requires 1x resistor per load (filament) eg: A combination Stop/Tail globe would require 1 PAIR of LEDRES, 1x resistor for the Stoplight circuit and 1x resistor for the Taillight circuit. Most vehicles would require 2x pairs of the LEDRES when replacing the Stop/Taillights.
LEDRES may get hot during operation, install away from flammable objects or trim that may melt when exposed to heat.

Prevents/rectifies globe error warning notifications when replacing standard globes with LEDs
Prevents fast flashing indicators when replacing standard globes with LEDs
Simple installation
11Ω, Sold in pairs

11 Ohm
Sold in pairs




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